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Our services

We offer research, information, writing, art, and design services.

Sleek & Beautiful

Research and Information

We undertake research contracts in diverse areas of natural, life, data, social, and management sciences.

Sleek & Beautiful

Art and Design

We create visual art, including drawings, paintings, photography, digital graphics, and videos.

Sleek & Beautiful

Professional Writing

We offer the writing of scientific, and technical descriptions, manuals, family stories, cultural and entertainment events.


Some of our activities

Sleek & Beautiful

Seminar 1

Investment Strategies and Scam Avoidance in Africa

Sleek & Beautiful

Lecture and Discussion

Business Opportunities and Risk Mitigation in Africa

Sleek & Beautiful

Art Exhibition

Afritopic Modern and Contemporary African Art

Sleek & Beautiful

Fashion Show

afritopic® Fashion Show inspired by Africa


afritopic® is neither on Meta/Facebook nor youtube. No fake news, no fake clicks, no fake views, no fake likes, and no hate for profit. afritopic® is authentic and a registered trademark.

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NFT Art Wilderness

The wilderness is an essential part of nature.

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The Gold Mask

Prelude: Academics and consultants in all fields, self-proclaimed messiahs

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